Our Clients

Wotherspoon Environmental Inc. has been privileged to provide our services to an extensive list of Canadian and international companies throughout the years.

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Acanthus Resources Ltd.
Access Pipelines Inc.
AEC Oil and Gas Company
Alberta Clipper Energy Inc.
Alberta Energy Regulator (AER)
Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD)
Alberta Special Waste Management Corp.
Alberta Transportation & Utilities
Alconsult International Ltd.
Allante Investments
Alliance Pipeline Limited
AltaGas Ltd.
Altana Exploration Ltd.
Amoco Canada Petroleum Company Ltd.
ANCAP (Uruguay)
ANG Gathering & Processing Ltd.
AON Reed Stenhouse Inc.
APF Energy Inc.
Arc Resources Ltd.
Archer Resources Ltd.
Asamera Egypt Limited
Aux Sable Canada Ltd.
Avenir Energy Trust
Aztek Energy


Baytex Energy Ltd.
Beaufort Sea Oil Spill Cooperative
Beaumont Church LLP
Beringer Energy Inc.
BG Canada Exploration & Production, Inc.
BG Canada International Limited
Blue Range Resource Corporation
Bonavista Petroleum Ltd.
Bow Valley Industries Ltd.
Brevia Energy Inc.
Bumper Development Corporation Ltd.
Burlington Resources Canada Energy


Cabre Exploration Ltd.
Calpine Canada Resources
Canada Department of National Defence
Canada Petroleum Corp.
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP)
Canadian International Development Agency
Canadian Marine Drilling – Canmar
Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL)
Canadian Occidental Petroleum
Canadian Petroleum Institute
Can-Am Containers Inc.
Capture Energy Ltd.
Carmangay Oil Ltd.
Case Resources Inc.

Ceiba Energy Services

Central Alberta Midstream Services

Central American Oil Spill Preparedness Response and Cooperation [OPRC]
Chariot Energy Inc.
Chauvco Resources Ltd.
Chevron Canada Resources
Cinch Energy Corp.
CN North America
Coastal Resources Limited
Conoco Phillips Canada
Conwest Exploration Company Limited
Crescent Point Energy Ltd.
Cougar Hydrocarbons Inc.
Cruiser Oil & Gas Ltd.


Danatec Educational Services Ltd.
Devon Canada Corporation
Direct Energy Resources
Dominion Energy Canada
Draig Resources Ltd.

DOW Chemical


Eastland Oil & Gas Ltd.
ECL Environmental Services Ltd.
El Paso Oil and Gas Canada Ltd.
Elliott Special Risks LP
Emerson Process Management
Enseco Energy Services
Ecopetrol (Colombia)
ENAP (Chile)
Enbridge Pipelines Inc.
EnCana Corporation
Enerplus Resources Corporation
Enerpro Midstream
Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESAA)
EnviroSORT Waste Management Inc.
EOG Resources Canada Inc.


Fairmount Energy Inc.
Fletcher Challenge Energy Canada Inc.
Fox Energy Corporation


Glencoe Golf & Country Club
Grant Trimble Engineering Ltd.
Gulf Canada Resources Ltd.


Harvest Energy
Hazco Environmental Services
Hewitt Oil Ltd.
Hillcrest Resources Ltd.
Horton-McDonald Developments
Hoodoo Hydrocarbons Ltd.
Husky Oil Operations Limited


Imperial Oil Resources Limited
IMV Projects
Inter Pipeline Fund
Interaction Resources Ltd.
Interprovincial Pipe Line Company


Joffre Gas Liquids Limited Partnership


K.B. Resources Inc.
Ketch Resources Ltd.
Keyera Corp.
Keyspan Energy Canada
Keywest Energy Corporation
Kinder Morgan Canada
Koch Exploration Canada Corporation
Komi Arctic Oil (Russia)


Lake O’Hara Lodge Ltd.
Legacy Oil and Gas Ltd.
Lesser Slave Lake Regional Waste Management
Long Run Exploration

Lightstream Resources Ltd.


MacLeod Dixon LLP
Magrath Energy Corporation
Majestic Mines Limited
Manito Pipelines Ltd.

Manitok Energy Inc.
Marathon Canada Limited

Markel Canada International
Maxx Petroleum Ltd.
Mayfair Energy Ltd.
Meota Resources Corp.
Midcoast Canada Operations
Midnight Oil and Gas Ltd.
Miljø & Energi Ministeriet (Denmark)
Ministerio de Energia y Minas (Peru)
Mission Oil & Gas Inc.
Mistral Energy Inc.
Mobil Oil Canada
Morrison Petroleums Ltd.
Mount Royal University
Murphy Oil Company Ltd.


NAL Resources Management Limited
Newalta Corporation
Nexen Canada Ltd.
Nimbus Projects Ltd.
Niska Gas Storage
Norcen Energy Resources
Northern Border Pipeline Company
Novagas Canada Ltd.
Novagas Clearinghouse
Numac Energy Inc.


Outback Exploration Limited


PanCanadian Petroleums Ltd.
Park Avenue Exploration Co.
Pace Oil & Gas Ltd.
PCC Energy Inc.
Peace Pipe Line
Pembina Pipeline Corporation
PEMEX (Mexico)
Pengrowth Energy Corporation
Penn West Petroleum Ltd.

Perpetual Energy
Petrobakken Energy Ltd.
Petrobank Energy and Resources Ltd.
Petrobras (Brazil)
Petro-Canada international Assistance Corporation
Petro-Canada Resources
PetroGlobe Canada Ltd.
Petroleos de Venezuela
Petrotrin (Trinidad & Tobago)
Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica
Petroleum Industry Training Service
Petrominerales Colombia Ltd.
Petropar (Paraguay)
Petrovera Resources Ltd.
Pickseed Canada Inc.

Plains Midstream Canada
Poco Petroleums Ltd.
Pouce Coupé Pipe Line Ltd.
Producers Pipelines Inc.
Proscarac Inc.
Provident Energy Ltd.


Ramshorn Canada Investments Limited

Raven Energy Ltd.
Ravenwood Resources Inc.
RBW Waste Management Ltd.
Real Resources Inc.
Recope (Costa Rica)
Remington Energy Ltd.
Renata Resources Inc.
Rio Alto Exploration Ltd.
Roan Resources Ltd.


Sask Energy
Secure Energy Services Inc.
Serval Environmental Services
Shell Canada Limited
Slade Energy Inc.
SSCi – Scott Stephenson Consultants Inc.
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Spoke Resources Ltd.
Staatsolie (Suriname)
Statoil Canada Ltd.
Starpoint Energy Ltd.
Stellarton Energy Corporation
Stone Mountain Resources Ltd.
Strategic Underwriting Managers Inc (SUM)
Strike Energy Inc.
Suncor Energy


TAQA North Ltd.
Talisman Energy Inc.
Tasman Exploration Ltd.
Taylor Gas Processing Limited Partnership
Tempest Energy Corporation
Tera Environmental Consultants
Tervita Corporation
TORC Oil & Gas Ltd.
Touchstone Petroleum Inc.
Trans Gas Limited
TransCanada Energy Ltd.
TransCanada Midstream
TransCanada Pipelines
Triumph Energy Corporation
Twoco Petroleums Ltd.


Ultima Energy Trust
Union Pacific Resources Inc.
University of Calgary


Vista Midstream Solutions
Volker Stevin
Veresen Inc.


W3M Land Management
Warwick Energy Ltd.
Westlake Chemical Corporation
Whitesands Insitu Ltd.
Wiebe Environmental Services Inc.
Williams Energy Canada
Winstar Resources Ltd

Wolf Infrastructures Inc.

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