Waste Management

The coordination of a company’s resources to effectively manage its wastes is a paramount issue.

WEI Waste Management Services

  • Waste Receiver Assessment Program (WRAP).
  • W11Waste management audits including Western Canada Auditing Roundtable (WCAR) waste receiver protocol.
  • Waste management plans and guidelines.
  • Regulatory waste guideline development and implementation.
  • Employee waste management training.
  • Waste inventory and manifest database and tracking.
  • Impairment liability insurance landfill inspections.
  • BCUOMA compliance inspections.

WEI has worked closely with regulatory bodies in the development of industry guidelines, in particular, AER Directive 030 and Directive 058. WEI’s prime in-house developed tools are the Waste Management Chart™ and the WasteTracker™ software application.

WEI was the primary author of the original Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) “Waste Management Guidelines for the Upstream Petroleum Industry”.  This publication was the foundation for the initial development of the upstream petroleum industry waste management practices in Canada.  It also led to the preparation of numerous waste management guidelines and training programs for WEI clients.

WEI prepared, in conjunction with the AER, the initial version of  Directive 058 “Oilfield Waste Management Requirements for the Upstream Petroleum Industry” and the initial AER Directive 050 “Drilling Waste Management”.

Since 2011, WEI has been the steward of the upstream petroleum industry’s Waste Receiver Assessment Program (WRAP).  The program, conducted on behalf of industry waste generators, assesses the risk and liability of the various waste receivers available to the generators.  Waste receivers include treatment, incineration and recycling facilities, transfer stations, and landfills.  Further information on WRAP can be found at www.wrapaudit.com.

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