WEI Service Overview

Environmental Audits

  • Compliance audits of industrial facilities and petroleum operations including gas plants, compressor stations, batteries, terminals, bulk stations and pipelines.
  • Environmental management system audits following ISO-14001 standards.
  • Environmental impairment liability (EIL) insurance inspections of all industries and municipal operations.
  • Regulatory permit and approval compliance audits.
  • Indian Oil and Gas Canada one and five year site audits.

Environmental Assessments

  • Acquisition and divestiture Phase I environmental liability assessments.
  • Alberta AER Licensee Liability Rating (LLR) assessments.
  • Phase II contamination assessments.
  • Existing and future liability determinations.
  • Evaluation of the significance of environmental liabilities applicable to operations, financial and compliance responsibilities.
  • Corporate exposure and risk evaluation.

Environmental Management

  • Regulatory permit and approval applications.
  • Environmental policies, practices and operating guidelines.
  • Site reclamation.
  • Employee environmental training programs.
  • Regulatory review and guideline development.
  • Environmental database development and maintenance.
  • ISO 14001 gap analysis and preparation for certification.

Emergency Response Planning

  • Corporate emergency response plans.
  • Field operations emergency response plans.
  • Emergency response training programs.
  • Business continuity and disaster recover plans.

Waste Management

  • Stewards of the Waste Receiver Assessment Program (WRAP).
  • Corporate waste management policies and plans.
  • Waste manifesting and inventory database management.
  • Corporate waste management audits.
  • WCAR (Western Canada Auditing Roundtable) waste facility audits

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