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As each team member’s profession concentrates on specific responsibilities, they remain at the forefront of applicable knowledge in their particular discipline.  All members have participated in an inter-disciplinary team approach yet are effective workers in their own specialized disciplines.  Continuing education is provided annually through industry training courses, workshops and conferences.


Jon Myles
M. Env Sc.

Jonathon Myles has extensive experience developing and executing Environmental Management Programs for oil and gas companies. He has more than 30 years of experience conducting assessments for a wide range of acquisitions, divestitures and liability determinations, including sour gas plants, extraction plants, compressor stations, batteries, pipeline operations, and waste management facilities. His strong understanding of compliance and regulatory requirements has allowed Jon to develop and manage effective Environmental Management Programs to exceed industry standards. His experience in developing emergency response programs, managing remediation programs, and designing and executing auditing programs has allowed him to evaluate the effectiveness of Environmental Management System implementation. His Canadian and international experience in other fields including forestry, chemical, and municipal systems has greatly complimented his upstream experience. Jonathon has played key roles as a manager of all aspects of environmental programs in growing Oil and Gas Companies to meet key environmental objectives and ensure high levels of corporate compliance.

Paul Wotherspoon
B Sc., Mech. Eng.; P. Eng., EP
Business & HSE Advisor

Paul has been involved with the implementation of industrial environmental programs since 1977.  Paul focuses on ensuring that WEI’s expertise is progressively refined and that WEI continues to be known for developing strategic plans and specific systems for the integration of environmental requirements for WEI’s clients.  Paul’s prior petroleum industry experience as a production engineer has directly benefited his company’s implementation of practical and effective environmental programs.  Paul is a Professional Engineer as a lifetime member with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA).

Adam Lazenby
BSc., Civil Eng., P.Eng
Project Manager, Emergency Response Planning (ERP) Coordinator

Since joining WEI in 2011, Adam has been involved in over 200 environmental related projects.  He is actively involved in liability assessments, environmental audits, emergency response planning and training, and waste management at WEI.  Adam is currently registered as an Engineer in Training under APEGA. and has completed the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) ISO 14001: Lead Auditor Course.

Adam completed his Engineering training at the University of Calgary in 2009, where he focused on environmental management.  At WEI, Adam currently coordinates emergency response plans, conducts audits in the Waste Receiver Assessment Program (WRAP), and provides support to the arsenal of expertise WEI has to offer including, regulatory compliance, liability assessments and environmental managements plans.   Adam is a Professional Engineer under the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) and has completed the ANSI -ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) ISO 14001: Lead Auditor Course.

Jesse Baty
BSc., Geology and Environmental Geology, P.Geo.
Project Coordinator, Waste Management Coordinator.

Since joining WEI in 2012, Jesse has been involved in more than 150 environmental related projects.  He is actively involved in waste management, liability assessments, environmental audits, and emergency response training at WEI.  Jesse is currently registered as an Geoscientist in Training (GIT) under APEGA and is an Environmental Professional in Training (EPt) through ECO Canada specializing in Waste Management.  Jesse and has completed the ANSI -ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) ISO 14001: Lead Auditor Course.

Kaylen Velting
BA. Science, Environmental Science
Project Coordinator

Since joining WEI in 2014, Kaylen has lead and managed over 100 waste management facility audits, landfill approval audits, and liability assessments across various industries in Canada. In addition, he has facilitated  corporate and field level mock emergency response exercises for various clients across the oil & gas industry. Kaylen’s completion of his Bachelor of Applied Science and prior experience as a Quality Assurance Manager, which involved the development and management of quality assurance programs, completing compliance audits, and conducting staff training has enabled him to provide a high standard to Wotherspoon’s auditing programs.  Kaylen is currently an Environmental Professional in Training (EPt).

Chuck Ames
BA., Environmental Studies
Project Coordinator

Chuck provides research and field assistance to the WEI team in environmental impairment liability assessments, regulatory compliance, emergency response plans, waste management, and auditing.  Chuck is involved in all aspects of WEI’s project portfolio, efficiently and effectively executing information gathering, analysis, and formatting as well as client communications and follow-up.  Chuck is a Canadian Environmental Professional in Training (EPt).

Don MacRae B Sc. Comp Science
Don has been the primary author of WEI’s database products and systems for the management of environmental information.  Don’s petroleum and environmental industry experience ensures a functional process and products for WEI’s clients.

WEI Professional Associations and Memberships:

-          Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA),

-          APEGA (Corporate Permit to Practice),

-          Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESAA), and

-          ECO Canada EP (Environmental Professional specializing in Site Assessment and Reclamation) and EP designations of: Land Quality, Waste Management, Human and Environmental Health and Safety, and Environmental Protection Management.


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